Constitution of UP Chapter of ASI

The Association shall be called the UP Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India With the aims and objects specified in the Memorandum of Association.
    In the Construction of these rules & regulations generally unless repugnant to the context the singular shall include the pleural and the masculine, the feminine and vice-versa and writing shall include printing, Lithograph or other substitute for writing.

The Membership of the Chapter will be of two categories of Members:

  • Full Member: A Full Member of A.S.I. from UP becomes a full Member of the UP Chapter. (including transfer of membership from other state permitted by the head Quarter).
  • Associate Member: Any other qualified doctor, not eligible to become full Member of A.S.I. registered with the Indian Medical council is eligible to become Association Member of the UP State Chapter. Association Member of A.S.I. is included in this category. Full of Senior Member of A.S.I. not belonging to the state Chapter is eligible to become Associate Member of the state Chapter. Associate member have to pay subscription of the state Chapters before they are eligibile to their rights and privileges. Associates Member of state Chapter are entitled to attend only scientific and social meeting. Associate Members of State Chapter are not entitled to vote, contest or hold officer or attend general Body Meetings.

Rule #4 Termination of Membership

  • If a full Member of the State State Chapter ceases to be a full member of A.S.I. he will cease to be a full Member of the state Chapter automatically after the Secretaryof A.S.I. informs the chapter in writing such member will be informd by the Secretary of the chapter.
  • If an Associate Member of the state chapter resigns or fails to pay the subscription by due date for 2 years he will cease to be Associate MEmber of the state chapter unless condoned by the executive committee on full payment.

  • Full Member of the Chapter will not pay any subscription directly to chapter which will be reimbursed by Association of Surgeons of India. However the Chapter reserves the right to impose extra subscription as and when required by suitable modification of the rules.
  • Associates members will pay as follows:
    • Entrance fee Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty)
    • Annual Fees Rs. 24/-
    • Life Membership for Associate Members for Rs. 360/
    • Associates Members living abroad $20
  • A register of the Members shall be kept by the Secretary in which membership in the various categories will be recorded setting down the names and names and addresses of the members. For the purpose of the Society. The addresse as mentioned in the register will be considered as the valid one. Any change in addresse must be intimated to the Secretary and confirmation must be recieved from the Secretary that the necessary change in the register has been effected.
  • Rule #6 Privileges of Membership

  • All full members shall be entitled to paticipate in all activities of the Association including the right to vote and contest elections. They shall receive the India journal of surgery.
  • All senior members, Associate members, and honorary members shall be entitled to participate in all activities of the Association; however they shall not be entitled to vote or contest elections the Associate member of UP Chapter will not recieve all publications of UP Chapter.
  • Members in arrears of ASI are disqualified to vote, contest election or hold office.
  • Members not allowed to vote are debbared from attending General Body or other business meeting.
  • Rule #7

  • The Secretary shall circulate by post to all the Members of the Association the annual report of the year and statement of audited accounts of the year precending. Unaudited accounts up to 30-9 should also be sent. All these documents along with notice of General Body Meeting and agenda, should be sent to the members at least 5 weeks bedore the date of annual General Body Meeting. The anual report shall include the minutes of the last General Body Meeting and such other information as may be of intrest to the Members and/or useful to them. Notice of special General Body Meeting along with agenda shold also be sent to the Members at least 4 weeks before the Meetings.
  • The Quarum for the General Body Meeting shall be 20 Members. If there is no quorum the Meeting shall be adjourned for 15 minutes and then the transaction conducted. Only specific circulated agenda may be discussed and decided of at such discussed decided of at such adjourned meeting. No decision will be taken on any subject discussed under the heading "anything permitted by the Chair" in an injourned meeting.
  • Any Member desirous of moving a resolution at the time of the General Body Meeting shall intimate the text duly proposed and seconded to the secretary atleast two month before the date of General Body Meeting. the seceratry shall include this in the agenda.
  • Rule #8 MANAGEMENT

    The management of the chapter shall be vested in the Executive Committee conssisting of:-
  • President
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Two Joint Secretaries
  • Eleven Members of The Executive Committes
  • Immediate Past President
  • Chairman of the Editorial Board of UP Chapter
  • Representative of the Chapter in the Governing Council of Association of Surgeons of India
  • Past Presidents of Association of Surgeons of Indian who are members of the Chapter.
  • Only full Members of the Association of surgeons of India who are in Good standing and not in arrears of the Association of surgeons of Indian and who are on the voters list of the Association of Surgeons of India as on 31st may shall be entitled to contest the election or vote.

    The President:

      The management of the chapter shall be vested in the Executive Committee conssisting of:
    • The President shall preside at General Body and Executive Committee Meeting.
    • He shall see that Constitution of the Association is adhered to.
    • He has a right to attend any committee meeting of the Association.
    • In the event of absence of President. The Executive committee shall elect a President for the paticular meeting from amongst the Members of the executive present in that meeting.
      Honorary Secretary:
    • He shall be principal Executive officer of the Association.
    • He will execute all resolution of the Executive Committee.
    • He will call meetings and keep the minutes of all General Body Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings, In consultation with the President.
    • He will spend money within the limits laid by the Executives Committee.
    • He will be in constant touch with the President and act according to his advice and instructions.
    • The Executive Committee may appoint a full time or part time Administrative Officer. (non member) who may be given specific duties for day to day management.
    • Tresasurer:
    • He will keep account of the Association.
    • He shall present Annual audited accounts for the previous year at the Annual General Body Meeting. The auditor will be appointed by executive Committee. He shall also present unaudited accounts of the current year if the same could not be audited.
    • He shall present the Budget for the next year at the Annual General Body Meeting.
    • He shall attend to the work at the head quarters under instruciton from the Executive Committeem or as delegated by the Honorary Secretary.
    • Executive Commiittee Member other than the President may delegate his functions in writing to any other member of the Executive Committee when he is not able to function due to illness, going abroad etc.
    • Cheques or other negotiable instrument shall be signed by treasurer and either Honorary Secretary or President.


    Election of the President and Members of the Executive Committee shall be held every year by secret postal ballot (as per procedure adapted by A.S.I.) as per electoral roll supplied by A.S.I. for that year and as per following time schedule.
    • Nomination invited by 30th june.
    • Last date for receiving nomination 31st july.
    • Scrutiny of the nomination papers 2nd august. The Contestent, Proposer and seconder should be a valid voter as per A.S.I., voter list for that year.
    • Withdrawl upto 15.8
    • Posting of ballot paper under postal certificate by 31.8
    • Last date for return of ballot papers 30.9
    • Counting of votes and declaration of result at the time of General Body Meeting during Annual Conference.
    • Ordinarily the Hony. Secretary shall act as an election officer but in event of Hony. Secretary himself seeking election or unable to conduct election for any reason the election officer that year will be appointed by the President among the elected members of Executive residing at state chapter head quarter (except joint secretary).
    Election of the Secreatry and treasurer (From head quarter will be held at the time of the Annual General Body Meeting). Two joint Secretaries will be nominated at the same time, one by the President and other by the Secretary. In case nominations for members of the Executive Committee are less then the strength, the rest will be elected at the time of the Annual General Body Meeting. all candidates and their proposers and seconders for the various posts must be on the voters list of A.S.I. on 31st may. It verified by the respective candidates from the Head-quarters of the Association Surgeons of India at Madras. In the event of any dispute the decision of President in the Executive Committee shall be final.

    Executive Committee Meeting

  • The Executive Committee shall meet atleast once a year appart from the Annual eneral Meeting.
  • Any 4 members shall from the quorum.
  • Whenever it is found incinvenient to call for meeting of the Executive Committee should be obtained on any particular matter, he shall do so by post and act in accordance with the view of the majority provided it is endorsed by the President.
    The property of the Association shall be in prossesion and control of the Honorary Secretary shall ensure that main founds of the Chapter which are discribed below are peruodically invested as per Memorandum of the Constitution Article-10.
    • Chapter found
    • Deposits of Dr. S.N. Mathur oration, S.C. Misra oration, Dr. J.L. Rohatgi travelling fellowship, Dr. S.P. srivastava oration, Dr. R.K. garg award, Dr. A.K. Mehrotra guest lecture and Dr. Tara Chandra Surgical Foundation.
    The books of accounts of the Association shall be audited annually and shall be available for inspection to any member at the Annual General Body Meeting. A copy of the Audited accounts alongwith Annual Report shall be sent to the Head-quarter of the Association of Surgeons of India by the Secretary.
    All documents, conveyances, contracts shall be made by the President of the time being or by the Secretary.
    Resolutions of the Executive Committee regarding management and administration shall ordinarily bind the Association.
    The Chapter may publish its journal called "journal of UP Chapter of A.S.I." under the direction of the editorial board elected by tha General Body from members of the UP, Chapter. The board shall consist of:
    • Chairman
    • Two joint Editors
    • Editorial Secretary
    • Members not exceeding seven.
      • Initially the journal shall be published from Lucknow.
      • The Chapter shall grant fund to the Editorial Board annually.
      • The period of the office of the member of the Editorial Board shall be for six years which may extend by another 6 years.
      • The President of the Chapter shall be permanent ex-officio member of the Board.
      • The editorial Board shall have the right to frame separate bye-laws for the conduct and publication of the journal.
      • Head office may publish a News Bulletin from kanpur.
      • At the time of the Annual Conference of UP Chapter delegation and registration fee will include Rs. 50.00 per head as the cost of the journal. The amount thus collected alonwith a contribution of Rs. 5,000.00 by the Organising Committee wiill be sent to the Editorial Secretary of the journal of UP Chapter directly by the Organising Secretary.
    The secretary of UP Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India will be the authority to deal with all the legal matters. All legal suits will be dealt within the district of Kanpur only.
    • Conference of the Chapter shall usually be Organised atleast once each year. The venue of the conference shall be decied and the organising Secretary or Secretaries of the conference appointed by the Annual General Body Meeting.
    • The Secretary of the Chapter shall notify members the date and venue of the conference and call for papers for presentation at the conference. Such papers will be scruttinised by programme committee and the organising secretary. This Committee will have the power of rejecting any paper submitted for persentation.
    • nly a member of main ASI/ UP Chapter of A.S.I. shall be allowed to present a paper. Each member will be allowed to present only one paper. He may how ever be a joint author on the papers preesnted by other. Members whos papers are accepted and who default in presentation will be debarred from presenting any papers from one years (unless information is given to the Organising Secretary Two weeks before the conference. First author only shall present the paper.)
    • The Organising Secretary shall be responsible for making all other arrangement for the conference, including financial arrangements, according to the procedure laid down from time to time by the Executive Committee intimated to him by the Secretary by the Chapter. The Organising Secretary shall submit an audited statements of accounts within 6 months of the end of the conference the expenses of the conference shall not be menormally from the finance of the society.
    • 50% of the net savings made from the conference or any other loss amount as fixed from time to time by the Executive Committee shall be paid to the UP Chapter. Rest of the saving will be made available to the organising committee for fulfilling the aims of the Chapyer.
    • The Chapter will pay partial subsidy to the postgraduate students who attend the conference. The following criteria will be applied in distribution the limited funds made available for the purpose.
      • The person must be registered for C.M.E. programme of the conference.
      • The postgraduate students from the place where the conference is held will not be eligible for the travel grant.
    The Chapter will pay partial subsidy to members of the Chapter who wish to attend the Annual Conference of the Association of surgeons of India and whose paper has been accepted for presentation. Criteria and rules will be framed by the executive committee from time to time.
    These bye-laws may be amended by three-fourth of those members who cast a valid vote in a postal ballot conducted as defined below. Voting on proposals for amendments of the constitution of the bye-laws shall be as follows:
      Notification for proposal of any amendment must reach the Secretary of the Chapter not later than two months before the annual Executive Committee Meeting. If approved by the Executive Committee it will be presented to the annual General Body Meeting. With the approval of a three - fourth majority of the Annual General Body Meeting, The secretary shall within one month circulate the approved amendment, with voting papers to all members of the society. These voting papers should reach the Secretary within one calendar month from the date of their despatch by the Secretary. The Secretary shall open and count the votes in the presence of one or more scrutineers appointed by the President. The result will be declared by the President and such changes which are thus approved shall come into effect forthwith.


    Business Hours

    • Monday-Friday: 10am to 8pm
    • Saturday: 11am to 3pm
    • Sunday: Closed