1. 1975: Formation & Inauguration of the first chapter of A.S.I. and formal recognitition by the parent body. Constitution was ratified.
  2. 1976: Deputation of members to the parent body on chapter expense and two postgraduate students from each medical collage, to the state conference.
  3. 1980: Institution of CME course by Dr. Jawaharlal Rohtagi travelling fellowship.
  4. 1980: Institution of CME course by Dr. N.N. Khanna along with the annual conference held at Varanasi.
  5. 1981: Institution of Dr. S.N. Mathur Memorial Oration.
  6. 1981: In collaboration with Kanpur University 1st state level conference of surgical teachers was held.
  7. 1985: Institution of Dr. S.P. Srivastava guest lecture in oncology.
  8. 1985: Institution of Dr. S.C. Misra Memorial oration.
  9. 1986: Creation of Dr. R.K. Garg Memorial award.
  10. 1987: Institution of Dr. A.K. Mehrotra Memorial guest lecture.
  11. 1987: Institution of senior travelling fellowship.
  12. 1987: Publication of the first issue of the surgical journal of U.P. Chapter by Lucknow.
  13. 1988: Change of Dr. S.P. Srivastava oncology guest lecture award into Dr. S.P. Srivastava oncology oration award.
  14. 1989: Best Chapter award of ASI to U.P. Chapter.
  15. 1990: Achieved target to have two representatives in G.C. of ASI.
  16. 1990: Organisation of 1st North India Regional Conference (NIRCON) along with XVI Annual Conference of U.P. Chapter of ASI.
  17. 1990: Institution of a special award for enrollment of maximum number of ASI members.
  18. 1991: Establishment of Dr. Tara Chandra Surgical Research & Education Foundation of U.P. Chapter of ASI.

This is in short the history of U.P. Chapter of the Association of Surgeons of India, which has been a trend-setter in the country and has won approbation by one and all. It does give us satisfaction that we have traversed considerable ground. The philosophy enunciated and policy directions set by the founding fathers and substantiated later on from time to time have been observed in letter and spirit. The substained organizational activity has brought great dividends. But much has to be achieved. In the sun-set of my life I think of what has not been achieved, our ambitions unfulfilled and some dreams not come true. Young energetic members will pick up the threads and we have a bright future.